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  • Jesslove revealed her love for music..
  • Took a break - enlisted in the U.S. Army


JESSLOVE is a Filipino-American artist who was born in San Francisco, California and raised

all over the West Coast. Having previously served her respectful years in the U.S. Army,

JessLove now returns to her passion in music and is making a difference through her music and

by ministering hope and light in her communities. Through many trials and tribulation, she has

been molded into this beautiful, dynamic woman who is now singing for those men and women

fighting abroad, separated from their families and uncertain of their return home. Her ministry,

by way of music, serves as hope, therapy, faith and rays of light for those fighting through issues

that deeply affect our soldiers in ways that most of us can only try to grasp an idea of.

Since childhood, JessLove has always expressed her passion and talent for music and singing.

She also spent many years modeling for various well-known companies and brands all over the

Bay Area and remained in the entertainment industry with the encouragement of her family. For

a while, at a young age, she utilized her many talents by performing in front of thousands of

people and huge crowds including the Nob Hill Masonic Center and the Palace of Fine Arts.

JessLove continued her passion in music and performance until she joined the U.S. Army in

2006. It was during her college years when people found her matured voice and lyrics more

appealing than ever. JessLove’s fanbase continued to grow and spread through the West Coast.

While away from her family, she found solace in singing and music, which soothed not only her

soul, but the souls of her fellow combatants, providing escape from the stress and loneliness of

her surrounding hostile environments. While serving in the U.S. Army, JessLove was later

injured in Afghanistan. During her homecoming, her transition was another battle; a mental

obstacle where she fought tirelessly to find herself, keep her family together and to stay alive.

However, after fighting the good fight, the home remained broken. She found herself helping

others – something that she enjoyed doing but also ended up being a coping mechanism; but

while doing so, masked all her issues. Later down the road, it became a battle she could no

longer fight. JessLove was in a deep place where she thought she lost a battle and could no

longer rise from, but eventually prevailed, stood strong and not only survived, but overcame and

conquered her suicide attempt. She found it as a sign – as a mother and a soldier, to seek serious

help and treatment.

After serving 18 months as a patient under serious medical treatment, recovering from her

injuries and undergoing continuous mental, physical and occupational therapy, she was reunited

with her children. Occupational therapy was life-changing for JessLove and it truly helped

return her to her love for music. She was able to perform as a lead singer in a band created by

her occupational therapist. This band consisted of seven U.S. Army injured soldiers who were

rehabilitating in the same Wounded Warrior Transition Unit at the Fort Gordon Base in Augusta,

Georgia. Her military superiors in her unit encouraged the idea for her to compete in a military

singing competition strictly for military members. She ended up becoming one of the top

finalists representing her base. Through her seemingly endless battles, JessLove found a greater

purpose to fight even harder to do her part in making a difference by truly being a voice and

using her voice to heal.



JessLove is now married to Donte Rumph, an NFL Free-Agent who previously played for the Atlanta Falcons. They are very much involved in their communities and make time to give back. They have participated in several community events and fundraisers. JessLove lived in Atlanta, Georgia but had to make many sacrifices and ended up having to move to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where her husband was called to play football.  There, she relocated with her three sons: DJ Lyrae, De Amari Soul and Freedom Kahari Ali Rumph.  JessLove wants to convey the message to other mothers that just because you have kids, it does not mean you have to throw in the towel to your very own dreams. Motherhood is a beautiful thing and if you believe in yourself, your family and have faith, things can and will work out if you put your best foot forward and push hard – things can get better… it will get better.

Legacy of Success


JessLove recently appeared on Steve Harvey's show twice.  She won the final rounds where she was flown out to Las Vegas, Nevada to perform in front of millions of people (audience and stream).  In Las Vegas, JessLove was living moments of her dreams that indeed, came to life.  She received encouragement backstage by Steve Harvey’s directors and Sheryl Underwood including powerful advice and support from them – all of which she took to heart. These moments were empowering, inspiring, motivating and unforgettable, to say the least.  When JessLove returned home, she won several showcases competing against over 50+ independent artists in Atlanta, Georgia.  She also took first place as one of the top independent R&B/Pop artists in the area.

JessLove took a whole year’s break in 2018 from music to introduce a NEW VIBE for the music industry. She also resurrected all those years lost.  It is a revision and a representation of who JessLove has become after all these years of fighting to find herself and now, making her way back around, full throttle.  She will have several singles released for her fans leading up to her first ever FULL album in March of 2019.  With her diverse background, talent, work ethic and passion, JessLove is ready to paint the picture with music and impact those with ears to listen, eyes to see, minds to understand and hearts to connect. Yes, applaud now.  Indeed, this story is a true and honorable story of courage and perseverance. 

JESSLOVE… 2019. A STAR is reborn. 


View from back stage at Steve Harveys Neigborhood Awards!